The One with March


Well, folks.  We’re three weeks into the Daniel Fast, and the weather is finally looking up.  March was in like a lion, that’s for darn sure.

After our biggest storm of the season dumped eight inches of fluffy white flakes on us, I ventured out to peek over my favorite photographer’s shoulder while she did headshots for a friend.  Between the bright snow and my beautiful, talented friends, I was positively swooning with inspiration.  Take all the photos!  Look for all the beautiful light!  Buy a new camera lens!  And so, I obeyed.  A new lens is on its way to me, just in time for next weekend’s mother-daughter trip to Charlottesville!

IMG_2304 Kaitlin_Snow (3 of 10)

A few other things inspiring me this week:

My photographer friend’s gorgeous website.  Kira shot the above photo of me, and is full of advice and inspiration.

Amanda’s latest blog post.  I’d like to officially add an ‘Amen and Amen’.

This nugget of truth from my Bible study on 1, 2 & 3 John:

Freedom lives in the blessed confines of obedience.

And finally, this soup recipe that I made last night.  Daniel Fast approved and delicious.


The One After a Week

We’re eight days into the Daniel Fast (taking off Sunday, so really just 7 fasting days) and I’m feeling good about food and not quite as good about prayer.

Honesty moment – eating this way isn’t that hard.  At least not in the grown-up sense of being able to buy a grocery cart full of good foods and having kitchen access.  That, combined with the new health movements that have left Pinterest chock full of simple fast-approved meals.  So thanks, paleo, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free pioneers for making my fast ten times easier.  I see your veganism and I raise you one whopping Daniel Fast.

My mornings start with hot lemon water, grits (no butter, sigh), and fruit, and the rest of the day is all veggies with a whole grain thrown in there, and maybe some popcorn in the evening.  Plus or minus this new raw peanut butter cookie recipe that Molly and I tried yesterday.  The sugar-withdrawal headache (ouch) went away after the first couple of days, and I’m sleeping much better at night and don’t have any afternoon crashes.

But because the hunger and general frustration of the fast isn’t that bad this time around, I find myself not turning to prayer as much as I expected to.  I still work around my weekly prayer focus (today with the widows + orphans), but compared to my first Daniel Fast experience, I’m not praying quite as much.  To work more in that area, I’m going to spend my eating and food prep time in prayer, just to be in touch with the fast and prayer together, tying in the mindfulness of it all.

So that’s where I’m at with the fast this week.  I like how I feel, and I think this whole experience will be a really positive one.


Also, it snowed last week and Luna loved it.  That’s all.

The One With the Snow Inside

It’s faintly snowing here, which has me positively giddy.  I love a good snowfall.  It’s probably the best thing about living north of the Carolinas.

Since moving to BL and getting Luna (the world’s most perfect puppy – it had to be said), Joe and I have upped our email game.  We send quick messages back and forth throughout the day, subject lines ranging anywhere from lunch plans to Luna’s most recent potty escapade (I know, who are we?).  Except that today’s most recent subject line takes the cake:  Snowing in the Apartment.

What?  I know.  I’m knee deep in flour and chocolate chips for my annual bake day, when I’m hit square in the face by a snowflake.  And then another.  Loose window panes will do that to you, I suppose.  Anyhow.  We’ve closed the blinds and moved the cookie station, so all will be well, and the window will be fixed soon.

It’s just another day in paradise around these parts!

And in slightly related cookie news, you want to go home immediately and make these cookies.  They’re like a brownie married a cookie (which would obviously be the wedding of the year), and are so so perfect when slightly underdone.  And even better if you happen to have a cookie cutter in the most perfect shape.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

And about thirty times better if you have a wonderful pup to snuggle in between batches (because trust me, there should be multiple batches).

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The One After October

It’s been two weeks since the Write 31 Days challenge ended, and while I’ve had a few inspired moments, I just haven’t feel the pull to put words to them quite yet.

Things I’m thinking about – my 25 in 25 progress ((that hot air balloon might be the death of me)); whether professional manicures are worthwhile ((my cuticles say yes, but my wallet says no)); hazards associated with old radiators ((like whether or not they might kill me in my sleep)); and if we’re being honest, mostly I’m thinking about being in South Carolina for the holidays.

Things I’m thankful for – a healthy, slightly chubby puppy; an exceptionally great community of friends; banana nut bread candles; that I have time to give freely to people and causes I care about; lots of coffee dates ((or hot tea dates, in my case)); books that make me cry, laugh, and think; my incredibly handsome bearded husband.

This upcoming season is an exciting one and is sure to be challenging.  The cold weather makes me nostalgic for Denmark, and the snow makes me downright giddy.  But as the days grow shorter and my hermit tendencies try to take over, I’m working hard to say yes to more good things, and to make as many Christmas cookies as I possibly can.

But first, chex mix.  And an obligatory puppy photo.

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