Twenty-Five in Twenty-Five

Well, folks.  In just fourteen short months I’ll be a quarter-century old.  To memorialize this incredible feat of aging, I’ve made a list of twenty-five things I’d like to accomplish before I turn twenty-five.  The list is composed of both single events and continuous challenges, new activities and familiar, and hopefully a lot of fun.  These items are a mix of things that I’ve done before and want to do again, with plenty of new never-done things in there, too.  I think it’s a good balance of personal/health/relationship/adventure goals, and I’m super excited to get started!  I’ll do my best to give updates on my progress (let’s not repeat the disaster that was my 2013 new year’s resolution).

And in no significant order, my list of twenty-five in twenty-five!

  1. ride in a hot air balloon
  2. complete another journal, cover to cover
  3. plan and execute a fabulous girlfriend weekend
  4. ride a horse
  5. establish and maintain a 100 item wardrobe
  6. read 25 books
  7. go camping
  8. hike/run 250 miles
  9. have a true treat yo’self day
  10. write 25 letters
  11. get a puppy
  12. try 25 new-t0-me recipes
  13. learn how to eat maryland soft-shell crabs
  14. pay off another whole student loan
  15. save for and plan a big vacation
  16. complete a sewing project
  17. tithe consistently
  18. make the majority of our food organic/local
  19. watch five black and white movies
  20. spend a weekend techonology-free
  21. learn how to change a tire
  22. invent a signature cocktail
  23. find a new perfume
  24. make a homemade meal for family members
  25. invest in/learn to use a nice camera