Kait Behind the Camera | 27


Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates

There are quite a few sweet spots in our home where we keep life giving reminders of truth.  These are the words I want covering the walls of my house and the walls of my heart.  In the midst of joyfully uncertain times, these scriptures keep me grounded and safe.

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Kait Behind the Camera | 26

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Well, the Watkins family had quite the weekend on the Isle of Palms.  We added seven members to the clan, not including significant others or crumb snatchers, and all fifteen adults and four children piled into this here beach house for food and sun and sand.  And it was good.  The happy couple is, well, happy.  The kids are cool.  The holidays are about to get a little crazier.  But hey, there’s always room at the table for a few more.

Of course, big life transitions aren’t always smooth, and neither was the entire weekend (side eye towards the black tie memo some folks missed).  But it was a gathering of people who care deeply about their family members, all coming together for the first time in support of parents who work hard and deserve happiness.  Second chance families are an interesting bunch, but I’m thinking this one will stick.

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Congratulations, love birds!

Kait Behind the Camera | 25

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I fallen in love with palmetto trees all over again.  How could I forget these beauties?  They’re on the state flag, for goodness sake.  Island time is really something else, so slow and relaxed.  No plans, no shoes.  Just sand and sun and fun.

And in any event, don’t these two look happy?  There’s nothing quite like seeing the people you care about find love themselves.  After a long, hard season, the sun is shining.

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Kait Behind the Camera | 24

Joe and I entertained ourselves last evening by going through all of our old photos from our phones. Smart phones tend to get a bad rap these days since we’re so terribly dependent on them, but there’s definitely some merit for having such sweet memories at your fingertips.

So for posterity’s sake, a few puppy photos to kick off your weekend.