The One with a Beauty Crisis


Almost a year late, my quarter-century beauty crisis has hit in full force. I completely changed up my skincare regimen a couple of months ago – I ran out of everything at once and wanted to try something new. And on top of that, almost all of my makeup products were suddenly old or unsatisfactory. Cue the endless trips to Ulta.

Let me start all of this by saying that I really wanted to make a movement towards more environmentally conscious beauty choices. I downloaded the Think Dirty App and felt really guilty about my current beauty choices for about a week. And then I went in search of accessible but effective conscious beauty. After a couple of tries and slightly underwhelming success, I’ve resigned myself to trying conscious beauty products when readily available, but this isn’t going to be the hill I die on. I’ll go ahead and say that it’s just for now, because I might change my tune later on or find some holy grail products that aren’t full of cancer-causing agents, but for now I’m okay with just finding products that work for my skin, ingredients list be damned.

Skincare is always priority number one on my list. I will buy any product that offers smaller pores or glowing skin. I’m a beauty marketer’s dream. I was committed to Philosophy products for the last few years, made the switch to Origins, and quickly returned to Philosophy. Something about the essential oils in Origins wrecked my skin – I’m used to working with a smooth surface and my face was suddenly rough and bumpy. So I ran back to the Philosophy counter and bought this starter kit and returned a bucket of products back to the sweet Origins lady. Another thing to know – I always return products I’m not satisfied with. If I’m shelling out significant money for a product and it doesn’t work for me, I will absolutely return it. I like to make my beauty dollars work for me. The Philosophy kit I bought includes a peel that I am obsessed with, and my skin is calm and happy again.

Once my face was no longer freaking out, I added this SPF and primer product and use it on days when I want something lighter than my tinted moisturizer, or I’ll use it under my foundation since that doesn’t have SPF. My makeup just glides right on, and for make-up free days it just blurs my skin the tiniest bit. I’ll take all the SPF, please and thank you! To add to my makeup kit, I was super intrigued by Glossier just from reading around some beauty blogs, and made the choice to try their Phase 2 Kit. It includes their famous Boy Brow product, which I LOVE, their Stretch Concealer, which I super LOVE, and the Generation G lipstick, which is like a whole other realm of lip product. Love it all (and get 20% off your Glossier purchase with this link!).

Part of my eco-friendly efforts led me to Honest Beauty, which is a branch of Jessica Alba’s Honest Company. The products had decent reviews, you can opt for a bundle (three or more products at a discount) and it seemed like my solution to finding responsible beauty. Some of the products I super love, and some are just okay. I really like the tinted moisturizer (very thick, but love the coverage) and the luminizing powder (I went with the dark shade for bronzer and the light shade for highlight). I like the eyeliner (I’m not much of an eyeliner gal, so I feel ‘meh’ about each one that I try), and I may have gone a little overkill with the shade of cream blush that I chose, so I passed that along to Momma Bear and she approves. I’m happy with the majority of the products and with the brand overall, and will definitely branch out to their other products later on.

And because supporting local business and mommas working hard for their families is always a bonus, I’ve tried out some Younique products and really enjoyed them. On the skincare side, I have’t personally used Rodan and Fields but my mother does and she is a lady obsessed, I tell you. I’ve tried several Arbonne products and have really liked them, especially the foundation. I know sometimes that companies like these can seem a little much (I’m a total skeptic, I get it), but from my experience the products are legit and the chance to support friends and family is so great. If you need hookups, I’ve got three cousins who sell Younique, a cousin and a friend who sell Rodan and Fields, and a friend who sells Arbonne – just holler at your girl πŸ˜‰

As a bonus item that is not at all environmentally conscious but I super love – Essie’s new line of gel nail polish. The colors are gorgeous and I’d buy it for the applicator alone. I’m telling you, such a perfect polish brush, plus no chips for a week… I’m in manicure heaven!

I hope that some of my beauty successes (and mistakes!) will help you on your journey. Let’s hold onto all of this stuff really lightly and use it as a way to express and uplift ourselves, and not to hide or define us.

Happy beauty hunting!





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