Baileys Take Britain | What We Packed


Full disclosure over here – I obsessed over what to pack for our trip long before I worried my way through other semi-important details, like where we were staying and how we would get there. You see, when I am thoughtful in my packing I can really nail it. But when I don’t consider it carefully, I somehow end up overpacked in terms of how much I bring, but also under-packed in terms of appropriate outfits. So this time, I erred on the side of being over prepared and perfectly packed. I’ve linked to our favorite couldn’t-live-without-items, a few of which we purchased specifically for the trip, but for the most part we packed favorite items we already owned.

We both brought our phones and used them whenever wifi was available (I also added a temporary international plan with Verizon), and Joe borrowed a tablet from a friend so that he could submit work for his graduate classes while we were away. We each brought a novel for entertainment, plus we snagged a crossword puzzle book in the airport which we got a lot of use (and laughs) out of. I hemmed and hawed over camera gear to bring – I knew that it would probably be best on my anxiety level to leave my 6D at home on account of it’s weight and value to me. I opted to bring my hardworking little guy, the Canon SL1, and after going back and forth on which lens to bring (I wanted to limit myself to just the one), I brought my Canon 35mm. That lens is wonderful on the cropped body camera, and I’m so glad I chose it over the 50 mm, which would have been way too cropped in several scenarios. With that camera and lens combo, I knew I’d get great quality images but wouldn’t be weighing down my bag.

Speaking of bags – we packed in carry ons only! Joe and I both borrowed backpacks from friends for the trip, and packed everything we needed for the trip into those two bags. In addition to the backpack, I also carried this Camera Bag, which was 100% perfect for my gear. I could fit my camera with a lens, my petite wallet, sunglasses, lip balm, cell phone, and could even cram an umbrella in there when I needed to. If you’re traveling with a camera and love a nice leather bag, this baby is the ticket. We also brought along this Collapsible Daypack, which we filled with souvenirs and used as Joe’s personal item on the flight home. It also came in handy during hikes. These Packing Cubes were another winner, and made unpacking and repacking our bags seamless.

Aside from the bags and camera, the other item I worried about the most was our footwear. We anticipated wet weather (but got so lucky and avoided it for the most part) and I wanted to make sure we both had waterproof options that didn’t require lots of space or clunky looks. I rotated through these waterproof and ultra comfy Ankle Boots and a pair of black Nike sneakers that I snagged right before we left. I also packed a pair of Birkenstock sandals, but I only wore them one day and could easily have left them at home. Joe brought a regular pair of sneakers and a pair of waterproof walking shoes. All of our footwear was comfortable for walking 8 or more miles a day, and went well with the clothes we brought. There were no blisters or foot pain at all, which was wonderful.

We stuck to neutrals with our clothing items and packed with layering in mind. Temperatures ranged from 50-70 degrees, and we had wind in a lot of places. I wore these Ankle Pants, these Leggings, or skinny jeans each day. I packed 1 long sleeve top, 3 short sleeve tees, 2 tanks, 2 sweaters, 2 cardigans, and 1 dress for variety. I wore this Anorak Jacket almost every day as my outer layer, and it was perfect for a crossover between active hikes and urban city walks. Joe wore jeans, these Shorts, or these Travel Pants every day with a rotation of 6 short sleeve tees, 1 long sleeve tee, and 1 polo, with a rain jacket and 1/4 zip pullover for outer layers. We went basic on the toiletries, but the MVPs in that arena include the dry shampoo and febreeze. We ended up not needing the bug spray or sunscreen, and I’m happy that I only packed a single jewelry option.

All in all, I think we did a great job covering all of our packing needs, and we were easily able to carry our packs around for our two adventurous weeks.


In list form, what to pack for two weeks in England and Scotland in June – carry on style:

  • three pairs of bottoms – skinny jeans, lightweight black pants, black leggings
  • eight tops – 1 long sleeve, 3 short sleeve, 2 tanks, 2 sweaters (stripes and neutrals)
  • one dress – for an impromtu garden party or seeing a play
  • two cardigans + one jacket – perfect for layering purposes, jacket = water resistant
  • two scarves + 1 set of jewelry – simple jewelry and scarves for a pop of color
  • three pairs of shoes – ankle boots, sneakers, sandals
  • cotton pajamas – keep warm on the cool highland nights
  • undergarments + socks – with packing cubes, pack enough for fresh undies each day
  • toiletries – super basic on makeup; face wipes, dry shampoo, and febreeze advised
  • converter + portable charger – UK specific converter, plus any chargers needed
  • backpack + camera bag – for all carry on packing needs
  • camera, wallet, sunnies, umbrella – all purse essentials
  • passport – leave in safe, have easy access to a copy
  • travel friendly credit card – Capital One Venture card was perfect for us
  • book + journal – something to read and a place to record everything you did!


Well folks, that’s a wrap! Thank you so much for following along.

Until the next adventure,




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