The One with Sparkle City


We made yet another venture south on Memorial Day weekend, this time to celebrate the wedding of college friends! The groom was Joe’s roommate for three years of college and was a fellow chemistry major, so we were beyond thrilled to celebrate his marriage to Emily, another Wofford chemistry gal. The whole wedding weekend was relaxed and fun, and you could really see God at the center of it all. Throw in some line dances and visits with old friends, and Joe and I returned to Baltimore filled up and refreshed.


Since the holiday allowed for a long weekend, we snatched the opportunity to spend an extra day in my hometown. Our Sunday consisted of moving from meal to meal, house to house, as we sat around living rooms and kitchens and caught up with some of our favorite people.


We kicked off our tour with breakfast at Sarah and Chad’s house – complete with mimosasย and a puppy playdate! They were dog-sitting the adorable Bruno, and the pups played nonstop for the three hours we were there. Sarah is a longtime best friend, and truly one of my people. When you can go a couple months without seeing each other, but send a text at 8 AM that says “let’s cook breakfast in, I’ll bring my wild animal and some extra eggs” and she doesn’t blink before opening up her home, that’s a treasure.


Breakfast was followed by burgers at my dad’s house, where we tried our hands at fried pickles and simply gathered around the kitchen as we slowly worked our way towards a nice, fresh meal. I was glad to catch up with him and Cindy and hear all about their recent trip to Jamaica.


And the cherry on top was bonus time with my sweet momma (and some of Pete’s BBQ) at her place, which we used as home base the whole weekend. We got to love on her and Johnny (and they soaked up the extra puppy snuggles) before heading back to Baltimore the next morning.


Traffic was nuts, but we loved every minute of our time down south. Until next time, Carolina home.



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