The One Before the Storm


Our backyard is officially out of control – waist high weeds threaten to overtake the abused rose bushes that surprised us by blooming. We’ve had rain for weeks on end and are less than motivated to get significant amounts of yard work completed. Time is marching on rather quickly – another semester is under my belt and we’re now preparing for one of the wilder summers of our married lives. Five weddings, a two-week European trip, camping trip with friends, a week to see family in SC, plus a girls trip and a few beach getaways when we can spare them. Throw in three summer grad classes for Joe (plus getting AP Calc certified) and a five-week summer session of teaching for me, and it feels a lot like the calm before the storm. Today’s agenda: gym, fold clothes, edit an interview presentation, tutor student. In just a few short weeks I’ll long for these simple, quiet days with my puppy and husband. We’ll be without our sweet Luna for three weeks while we travel, and I’m certain to miss cooking in my own kitchen and living in my own house. We only just started a new produce delivery service (Hungry Harvest – for any interested locals; we love it!) and have to cancel deliveries for three weeks in a row next month. The sheer thought of not needing to grocery shop for that long makes me a little panicked (less in a housewife way and more in a I’m-going-to-miss-my-normal-life way). I have a feeling this summer will be good to us, if we yet survive it.

In the few short weeks of quiet before the storm of activity, I’m leaning into old favorites – reading and puppy snuggles and baking, and I’m trying my hardest not to obsess over all the minutia that I cannot control. Let’s make this summer awesome, and let’s make it easy.


**brought to you by this rose, which is proof that beauty still rises despite damaged roots**



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