The One with a Charm City Mother’s Day


It began like all good Baltimore weekends do – with breakfast at Miss Shirley’s! Mimosas and monkey bread and one happy momma. My mom and brother caught an evening flight out of Charlotte and came to spend Mother’s Day weekend in Baltimore – maybe the first Mother’s Day we’ve been together in quite a few years. We hardly noticed the gray weather as we took the city by storm – shopping in Harbor East, a visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art, peeking at boutiques in Hampden, and a fabulous dinner in Canton. And that was just Saturday! Sunday we spent time with my great aunt and uncle which was really special, and we ended the day with rooftop drinks in Towson. Our weekend was over too soon, but I’m so thankful for the extra memories we made and that we could be together to honor my wonderful momma. She’s my hero and my inspiration. I wrote my college application essay about her and could write a million more.

IMG_3962 IMG_3966 IMG_3981 IMG_3990

This was our first time at the Baltimore Museum of Art and I loved it! The sculpture garden is lovely, and the Cone Collection is truly great – the exhibit gives you such an insight as to what their home would have been like, filled to the brim with priceless art treasures.

IMG_4002 IMG_4011

I swear he’s been making that face at me since the beginning of time. Can you tell he loves me?

IMG_4025 IMG_4031 IMG_4040 IMG_4052

Above shot: typical. Below shot: “act like you’ve got some sense”

IMG_4068 IMG_4083 IMG_4085 IMG_4100

This handsome fellow drove us around all weekend, and was the glue that held us together when we got hangry/couldn’t handle all the togetherness. I’m darn thankful for him!

IMG_4129 IMG_4156 IMG_4211 IMG_4238

The puppy princess was showered with affection all weekend, and got quite a lot of frisbee exposure. She loves her mimi and uncle, especially when they come bearing gifts of toys to decapitate.


And so it came to pass that another weekend was spent with the momma bear and her cubs. They ate and laughed and shopped and played. And all of momma’s people said, Amen!


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