Trunk Club | 01

Okay, you caught me. I quit Stitch Fix. After an especially terrible fix (which I wrote customer service about and they graciously sent me a replacement) followed by a mediocre fix, I lost a little faith. While my experience with customer service was consistently great, I just didn’t have enough patience to continue a service that wasn’t quite right for me.

Enter: Trunk Club. It’s a personalized styling service that is backed by Nordstrom. You’re assigned a specific stylist (mine is Maggie and she’s fabulous) who you create a personal relationship with. There’s no subscription and there’s also no styling fee (score!). The trunks are not joking around – you get at least 10-15 items with each shipment and you’re able to preview and edit the trunk before it ships. After receiving my first trunk last week I’m officially in love. A few highlights about the service:

  1. Maggie. She’s the bomb! When I first signed up, we had a 20 minute phone date to talk about fit, gaps in my wardrobe, and my style in general. Maggie gets all my feedback along the way, and even helped me decide what to keep (there’s a messaging app that makes this super simple). With my first trunk, she asked me to try everything so that she could get a better idea on fit and general styles I like.
  2. The trunks. These hefty packages come ready with a return shipping label and are beautifully packed. There’s a personal note from Maggie, and before it even ships out I get a link that takes me to a preview of everything in the trunk – this allowed me to reject an item (I already had a military jacket and knew I didn’t need another one sent) and request additional items.  This preview feature is seriously one of my favorite parts.
  3. The quality. I was totally up front with Maggie about how much I wanted to spend, and she was really respectful of that and sent items that were right in my budget (with a splurge item or two). Since these are brands that Nordstrom carries, you can expect the quality to be high along with some of the price tags. If that makes you uncomfortable (the price, not the quality!), be sure to mention that to your stylist.

From my trunk, I kept two items (a pair of earrings and a scarf) and was able to give Maggie a lot of specific feedback on the items I returned. She’s busy packing up a follow-up trunk for me so that we can nail down fit for good!


If you’d like to give Trunk Club a try, check my referral link here and you’ll get Maggie as a stylist! And if you have questions about the whole experience, I could literally talk for days about this, so please don’t hesitate to ask!


2 thoughts on “Trunk Club | 01

  1. Thanks for the feedback! My Trunk Club rep, Tamra, just called me today. I’ve been hesitant so it’s good to hear you’re enjoying this!!

    • That’s exciting! I love developing a personal relationship with the person picking out your items, and my stylist said with the first couple of trunks she sends a variety just to make sure that she can nail down fit (what I like, which brands work really well for me, that sort of thing). Hope you love your first trunk!

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