The One with a Mirror

My week began with a restless night and a heavy heart. In a season of life filled with so much joy, I remain haunted by the things that aren’t there. Instead of sleeping I replay the same questions over and over again in my mind.

Is grace enough?

Am I enough?

When the dust settles and light is shed over my heart, I’m reminded of my place in it all. At my truest core, I am a child of God, wholly loved and fully known. When I learn to rest in that, I find my fears demolished and my doubts destroyed. When I stop letting other people be my mirror (thank you, Amanda, a million times over for this post) and instead plant myself firmly at the feet of God, I find the space to breathe and to rest. When I finally come to terms with the fact that I cannot earn enough grace or love on my very own, that I’ll always fall short, I can demolish the system that I’m judged against and instead embrace all the things that I am.

Little by little, I am working my way towards freedom, towards knowing God, towards the truest love. Praise to the One who meets us where we are, but in His great love for us does not leave us there.



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