Stitch Fix | 03

My third Stitch Fix arrived shortly after we moved into the new house, and I feel like my style was much more understood this time around! Stitch Fix is a styling service that delivers hand-picked clothing and accessories right to your front door, using a combination of your requests, your style profile, and your personal Pinterest page to pull together items that are to your taste. There’s a $20 styling fee with each box that goes towards whatever you end up purchasing. The whole process is fun and streamlined, so it’s a pain-free shopping experience in your own home. I’ve loved the service so far because I feel like I’ve received items that push me just a little outside of my normal comfort zone, but still really complement and add to my existing wardrobe. I’ve signed up for the monthly box (there’s no obligation to subscribe), but moving on from now I’ll receive a fix every other month (new houses don’t come cheap).

*excuse the adorable puppy photo bombs – she’s a little more clingy since we’ve moved*

IMG_9067 IMG_9069

The two items I loved and kept are in the above photos! The Alice Blue Timbers Split Neck Blouse was something I saw another blogger wear and had pinned to my Pinterest board, and I was so thrilled that my stylist sent it to me! I also received the Liverpool Rizzo Skinny Pant, which I loved and think will be super versatile for both work and play.

IMG_9071 IMG_9072 IMG_9075

The Collective Concepts Nadin Henley Blouse was cute and work appropriate (which I requested), but I didn’t like the pulling along the bottom hem, and just didn’t love it overall. The Market & Spruce Abrielle Color Block Sweater had some great colors, but I am not a fan of super fitted sweaters, or large stripes. The RD Style Bailey Open Cardigan was nice and cozy, but it was just okay and not great. At the price point, I expected something with a little more wow-factor. These three items were returned with feedback.

With keeping a 100-item wardrobe, I usually go through and cull a few items after adding new pieces. Since our move spurred quite a bit of getting-rid-of-all-the-things (it’s use it or lose it around these parts), my wardrobe is sitting at a lower point and I didn’t go through and get rid of anything specific to make room for the striped blouse and black pants. In the future, I’ll likely work for a one-in-one-out kind of rule, which I think will help me be conscious of only adding pieces that spark joy and would perform well in my wardrobe. Better quality, more joy – that’s the goal!

If you’d like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, you can use my referral link here to sign up (I’ll get referral credit if you schedule a fix using this link)!



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