The One with a Blizzard


The storm brought us twenty-something inches of snow, a forced five day vacation, and a rediscovered love of goldfish. We survived our first blizzard with school work and Netflix and random recipes, and our street didn’t see a single plow until three full days after the snow had ceased. We shoveled and met neighbors and let the dogs run wild in the snow. But mostly, we just snuggled up together. Joe and I had opposite schedules last fall and between our crazy holiday schedule and moving into the new house, we were in sore need of quality time together. It had been so long since we could just relax and spend time with one another, without full schedules or mile-long to-do lists. We threw in some productivity here and there, but our snowstorm priority was just to relax with one another. It was restoring in a surprising way – I hadn’t even realized just how badly we needed this storm, this forced vacation with each other. And really, it shouldn’t be so shocking that at our very core we are designed for this – to seek comfort and find our truest selves outside of the agendas and full calendars. When we relax into feeling known and loved inside of a relationship, with God or with people, we find real freedom and peace.

Maybe next time we’re feeling weary and burdened, we’ll seek shelter before there’s even a storm. And just maybe we’ll have enough sense to double up on the macaroni and cheese.



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