The One with A Move


Well friends, we’ve up and moved! Nothing drastic – a mere two miles from our former abode, but enough for a new zip code (21212 – how adorable?!) and a totally different take on what a home looks like for us. We’re homeowners, which is entirely new and scary territory, and between furnaces and hundred-year-old hardwoods we’re learning a lot. Yay for adulthood!

We completed the painful moving process the weekend after we returned from our holiday galavanting, and I immediately began unpacking and settling in (cue the binge-watching Fixer Upper – can I be Joanna Gaines?). Our kitchen is dreamy and the fireplace is cozy and the downstairs bathroom sink drips and the backyard needs some TLC and our to-do list is a mile long. My head is swirling with ideas for curtains and how many counter stools we need and how to keep the (only) full bath from looking unkempt.  And in the midst of it all, my prayers for this home are already being fulfilled. On our moving day after unloading the truck, all eight of our wonderful friends sat around our unpacked living room and shared our first meal in the house together, where we split pizza slices and laughed and talked. The weekend after we moved in my darling Amanda came to visit, and we piled onto the guest bed and talked about boys at 2 AM (because that’s when she arrived) and then we made breakfast together the next morning. My vision and hope for this house is that it will be home to shared meals and sacred pauses, an inviting space where stories and laughter are shared. This is where we will do life, for however many years to come. And while the thought of lingering this far north much longer scares me, God isn’t finished with us here just yet. So we’re soldering on in a new zip code, with hopeful optimism and knowledgeable friends and family on our side.

Ten thousand shout-outs to our moving crew, and to my mom & Johnny who were my salvation the week before we moved in. Come back and let me cook for you soon!


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