Stitch Fix | 02


My second Stitch Fix came in the midst of Christmas shopping for others, so it was nice to have a little surprise just for myself!  Stitch Fix is an online styling service that ships handpicked clothing and accessories right to your door.  The styling fee is $20, which goes towards your purchase.  You have a few days to try the items, which they send with style suggestions, decide what you want to keep, and then send back what you don’t want in the prepaid envelope.  Simple and wonderful!

This time I requested a few work appropriate tops, a cozy sweater, and a dress for our upcoming vacation.  My stylist did a great job with the fit and color palate, and I really loved her styling suggestions!


I received a jacket, two tops, a sweater, and a dress.  I hated the dress and sleeveless top, so those were easy to send back.  I liked the fit of the elbow-sleeve top, but disliked the stud detail on it, so it was sent back.  I loved the jacket, but I asked for something similar for Christmas, so it was sent back.  I loved the black sweater and felt like it was something I really needed and would get a lot of wear from, so I kept it!

Stitchfix 02A IMG_1386

Brookline Mix Material Sweater by Market & Spruce for the win!

Of the things I sent back, I really did like the Mally Ponte Jacket by Kensie, but I’ve spoiled Christmas gifts for myself in the past, so I like to steer clear of items that I might see under the tree soon!  The Alley Sleeveless Abstract Printed Dress by Pixley and the Carlos Mixed Material Tank by Loveappella weren’t really my style, and the Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse by 41 Hawthorne just wasn’t quite right for me either.  Stitchfix 02B

For me, this service is about providing a convenient way to fill the gaps in my wardrobe.  I am looking to build up my professional wear and to add more interesting pieces in my casual wear.  The same rules apply as if I were shopping retail – I have to love it, it should be versatile, it should fit properly, and it should be well made.  So far, I’ve found success in all of these areas while maintaining my “less is more” wardrobe philosophy.  I’m still keeping to around 100 items total in my wardrobe, and am cycling through and freeing myself of clothing that doesn’t function well or spark joy.  One day I’ll start tackling a more environmentally conscious approach to fashion, but for now I’m focused on simply paring down and making my closet a space that I love.

When I first considered Stitch Fix, I stalked dozens of blogs, so this is just my simple take on the service and how I’m approaching it.  If you’d like to try Stitch Fix for yourself, you can use my referral link to sign up (I’ll receive referral credit if you order a fix for yourself).

Happy shopping!


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