The One with Advent

In an effort to make this space open and honest – I’ll be up front and admit that I’m a day behind in my advent study.  Sorry mom.  I’ll catch up this weekend, since I’m assuming that’s grace days are for, after all.

I love this season of reflection on an old familiar story.  Each year I get to approach the blessed altar with weary eyes searching for new life in the narrative.  And this year has not disappointed.  I’m following along the She Reads Truth Advent: Born Is The King study that parallels Jesus to our Old Testament characters – men whose stories echo that of Christ, or act as foils to the sacrifice that was yet to come.

And today my heart sang out as I read this old hymn with a new lens.


O holy night, indeed.

In every celebratory season, the return to these sacred hymns and blessed rhythms provides both comfort and inspiration.  Tunes that were learned as a child take on more meaning when the depth of the words ring true so clearly even two hundred years since they were written.  In a time where the world has never seemed more broken, Jesus remains our freedom herald.  We are no longer slaves.  We are called beloved children.  Any oppression or slavery that remains is remnant only of the fall of man and evidence of our own brokenness.

For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters.  Galatians 5:13

This season, as we bear the weight of tension between our cozy homes and the aching world outside, let your view be solely focused on this true love.  Let grace reign, let freedom ring.


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