The One with Tea and Jesus

Can you feel the stress in the air?  The palpable anxiety that threatens to suffocate all educators during this time of year?  We’re staring down the end of the semester here, and it just doesn’t get more hectic than this.

In the midst of my two jobs, four different commutes, and house buying, I thought it would be a good idea to help out the sweet AP Chem students at BPI by subbing for their teacher while he’s on leave.  Because my days aren’t crazy enough, just yet.  But actually, I look forward to the opportunity to try out high school teaching.  And really, how hard could it be?  These college folks give me a run for my money on the regular, so a handful of crumb snatchers shouldn’t be much worse.

Throughout this busy-filled season, I’ve been asking God to open or close doors for me – to make it plain and clear which routes I’m to take and where I should be dedicating my time.  His answers have been loud and clear.  In the spring I wondered if I should keep teaching, and He responded with an incredible job at Stevenson where I am encouraged and challenged daily.  I begged to be stripped of my false idols and insecurities, to let me be laid bare and honest before him.  He answered with gentle faithfulness, and a sense of peace in every hard situation.  I asked for the door to a house on Clearspring Drive to be opened to us or closed completely, and he answered with open door after open door.  I requested purpose, and he handed me an ignited passion for ministry to women.  I searched for meaningful friendships and he delivered depth and love through sweet friends who have carried me through this season.

During days or weeks when I feel overwhelmed and the only things fueling me are tea and Jesus, I am reminded of God’s sovereignty and just how much he has provided for me.  His grace multiplies daily.

Tidings of comfort and joy abound.



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