The One with All the Grading


Well folks, I sprinted so quickly out of the last 31 Days challenge and then let this little space here start gathering dust.  Where to begin?

Let’s start with all of the grading.  It’s just that time in the semester where the papers and exams all begin to pile up.  The necessary evil of teaching, I suppose.  The good news is that my schedule is flexible so I have plenty of gaps in time during which I can be incredibly productive.  The bad news is that I’m working my way through Gilmore Girls on Netflix and it’s pretty much the only thing I feel like paying attention to outside of the office.  I just watched the episode with Rory’s valedictorian speech for Chilton and had myself a big old cry.

Moving on to the impending holiday overload – I got impulsive and bought a ton of Christmas presents online all at once.  It’s my goal to have gifts purchased and maybe even wrapped by the end of this month.  I’m only a few gifts away from being finished with that goal, and I feel like a regular superwoman.  I so very badly want to start decorating for Christmas, but can’t do it just quite yet.

Which brings us to the latest exciting piece – we’re maybe-sort-of-kind-of buying a house.  We found the perfect little home not far from where we live now, and we made an offer!  We’re currently in the throes of inspections and boring mortgage stuff, and there’s still a huge chance that this won’t end up being the right home for us, but we’re kind of just letting God take the lead on this one, and praying that doors will literally be opened or closed for us.  So far though, green lights all the way.  This makes me both excited and a little barfy.  Mostly because of the whole mortgage thing but also living so far from my favorite people.  Actually, pretty most totally because of that last reason.  Let’s not talk about it.

In any event, the weather is finally cooling off and the days are way too short.  We’re snuggling up and enjoying as much semi-stress-free time as we can gather.  I’m working on grading papers more and on grading myself less.  It’s that season where staying inside makes me all introspective, and I wonder if I’m enough or too much or if I’m just reading too much into everything.  But I’m learning to offer myself a little more kindness, and I’m working on letting my relationships be a soft place to land – no judging or pretense, just extra grace and forgiveness with a side of warm-fuzzies.  We’re all just doing the best we can, here.

Kait, the almost-home-buyer, over and out.


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