Kait Behind the Camera | 31


I woke up this morning full of inspiration for this last day of the challenge, so I decided to gather up a little tablescape of my own!  I used the morning light and my very limited apartment space, but it was fun to fill a table with pretty things and just snap away.  All of the items were things I had around the house, all relocated and piled onto our table, with the textbooks and papers stashed strategically out of sight.  It was a nice little exercise in creativity, and in using things I have in a new way.  It turns out that my blue plate collection looks rather nice paired with our everyday china, and now I’m all sorts of inspired to have a dinner party.

IMG_0671 IMG_0673  IMG_0694 IMG_0704 IMG_0711 IMG_0712

Through these past thirty-one days I’ve explored some really fun areas with my camera, and I’m thankful for the motivation and inspiration.  But I’ve got to say, even with learning how to read the light, process my images, and frame my shots, my favorite photos hands down will be the ones that capture sweet moments like the one below, even if it is just a blurry cell phone shot.


These dear friends speak to my soul more than any photograph in the world, and I’m so humbled by their grace and their kindness.  And I’ll be guilting them into getting in front of my lens soon, because holy crap, aren’t they gorgeous?

Thank you for sticking out this crazy month of photos with me!

Kait behind the camera, over and out!


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