Kait Behind the Camera | 22


Meet another one of my favorite corners of our house:  the vanity.  It’s where all girly things get to live – makeup and jewelry and perfume and pearls.  It’s the single most feminine space of our home and it’s all mine.  I think I love it so much because it’s a collection of things that are just so pretty and pleasing.  And so (flawless segue), I want to share on this little space a pretty collection of articles and recipes I’ve found over the past few weeks that have me thinking or laughing…

We Won’t Back Down – inspiring read about women in the church, and very much in line with the book I’m currently reading with some gals, Jesus Feminist, by Sarah Bessey.

Not So Skinny Jeans – loved and totally related to this article about allowing grace for ourselves, even in the context of our closets, an area we often overlook when it comes to doling out kindness.

And speaking of clothing, A Guide to Curating a Conscious Closet made me think long and hard about future clothing purchases and the ethics behind my closet… until I got my next email about a Loft flash sale.  This is probably something that will take years of purpose and dedication, but I hope that one day more of my closet will represent conscious fashion.

For now, where I land is more along the lines of this article – I Practice Simple Living But I Still Love My Stuff.  I want to have less, but also avoid extremes and keep my treasured items and a good perspective.

This Sparkling Hard Apple Cider Sangria looks like something I’d like to be sipping on a front porch during one of these crisp fall evenings.  Or from my couch while watching Netflix, whatever.  Also, curl-up-on-the-couch-worthy:  these Saltine Crack Ice Cream Sandwiches that the tall husband whipped up as a surprise on our anniversary a few months back.  I just came across them again and now I can’t stop drooling thinking about them.

Speaking of Netflix, 70 Questions We Have For Neflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival.  Number 42 had me laughing out loud.  Excuse me while I continue to spend every spare 42/43 minutes I have watching and rewatching old seasons…

IMG_0090 IMG_0095IMG_0088


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