Kait Behind the Camera | 21

IMG_0084The dirty dishes around this place get out of control at least once every week.  And during those few busy days where I just can’t dedicate the time and energy into that chore, I find myself in need of grace, from myself and from the people around me.

I’ve never been one to doubt my need for God.  A trip or two to Young Life’s Windy Gap cured me of that issue long ago.  I can look my sin in the eye and believe beyond a reasonable doubt that I have a desperate need for my Savior.  The trouble comes when I need other people.  It’s my secret hope that somehow, I can earn the grace of others.  That if I’m witty or self-deprecating enough, they’ll overlook my big huge character flaws and like me anyways.  Maybe, just maybe, I can make myself worthy all on my own.

What I find instead is this – that in a season of my life full of stretching and growing, I need other people and I need their grace.  It matters not whether I can earn their favor, or if I come to the table with enough to offer.  These last few months has seen my need for other people fully realized for perhaps the first time in my adult life.  And gosh, have my people delivered.  I could not be more loved, surrounded, or met by grace.  It humbles me daily to be served and loved so well.  It reminds me that it’s okay to need help and that I don’t have to be an island.  It is a direct reflection of God’s love and grace in their own lives.  And it is awe-inspiring.

These dirty dishes might be an odd choice for a lesson on grace, but they’re teaching me more than I ever realized.  When life starts getting messy this time around, rather than shutting people out and going it alone, I am learning to invite them in and allow them to help.

Grab a brush, friends.  We’ve got a lot of dishes to clean.


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