Kait Behind the Camera | 18

IMG_8441 IMG_8447

Okay, okay.  You caught me.  I’m in front of the camera in a few of these.  I just can’t help myself, you know?  It’s not every day that I let my crazy friends convince me to wake up early to run, so yesterday was full of photo opportunities, with more than a few hysterical outtakes.  I’m looking at you, Panera jumping photo…

In any event, Joe and I ran our first 5K together!  We were running for a local organization, Araminta Freedom Initiative, which works to fight child sex trafficking in Baltimore.  Yesterday we ran alongside 24,000 other runners in the Baltimore Running Festival.

It.  Was.  Amazing.

The 5K course was great, and we had so much fun completing it.  It really felt like the whole city got into it, with Baltimore police enforcement cheering us on and local businesses making signs for all of the runners.  The whole day had such a spirit of camaraderie that was so motivating and encouraging.  I surprised myself by running the whole time, and even felt like I could have gone for another round once we were finished!  Since our four friends that we met up with were doing the marathon relay, Joe and I opted to go home and grab showers and a quick nap before heading back down to the city to meet our relay buds for some post run Shake Shack.

The whole day was wonderful – an early morning with sweet friends (who are the biggest blessing Baltimore has brought us) and a great race with a runners high to follow.

Thank you, friends and family, who supported and encouraged us along the way!

IMG_9775 IMG_9776 IMG_9781 IMG_9793 IMG_9800


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