Kait Behind the Camera | 16

IMG_9746 IMG_9764

One of Luna’s less commonly known skills is that of a toy destroyer.  Nothing pleases her quite like tearing the head off of an innocent stuffed toy.  Just last week I had to return three failed toys because she ripped into them instantly and rendered them useless.  Our poor pet store.  This next round of toys looks somewhat more hopeful.  I’ve got my eye on the peanut butter bone that is supposed to be thrown out when signs of wear are shown (aka – 5 minutes after Luna got a hold of it).  But the tshirt rope bone might get to stick around for a while.

So much for the cute toys only rule I foolishly thought we’d live with – now we just do what we can to find toys that will survive our puppy.  Wish her bones the best.

IMG_9751 IMG_9758


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