Kait Behind the Camera | 15

IMG_9705 IMG_9715

Do you have little pockets of space or certain areas of your home make your heart sing?  A space that feels like the perfect balance of function and style?  For me right now, that’s our entry spot.  This is just at the top of the landing as you come up the stairs, and it serves to catch our incoming mail and keys.  It’s also just a pretty little nook, and it makes me happy that the first thing I see when I walk into our apartment isn’t a cluttered mess.  Let’s save that anxiety for the rest of the house, am I right?

What I’ve noticed about spaces that make me happy are a few different elements that keep repeating:

  1. Symmetry.  Not everything has to be perfectly aligned, but some level of symmetry in color or placement goes a long way visually.
  2. Color palate.  I tend to go for neutrals, both warm and cool, combined with a subdued hint of color in a few key spots.  I have no qualms mixing warm grays with cool grays, or creams with whites.  All neutral plus a little fun.
  3. Function.  Without a place to put our keys or the mail, that stuff clutters other surfaces.  In our case, a metal vase and an antique wooden planter serve to capture those items so they have an official home.
  4. Sentimentality.  The candlesticks were a splurge for a college Kaitlin while abroad, but are so meaningful and remind me of my sweet Danish family when I use them.  The deer was Joe’s first, which he killed as a young boy.  These things are special to us, and I love that they get seen and used on an everyday basis.
  5. There’s not a really good word for this, but aside from the two special items above, everything is replaceable.  We have very few things in our home that we’d be devastated to lose.  I like that my home is made to be lived in, and that nothing is too fragile or precious to get actual use.

So that’s it.  My key elements to a good space.  Now if only my entire house was arranged by these rules…

IMG_9722 IMG_9729 IMG_9743


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