Kait Behind the Camera | 13


This is our Monday morning ritual.  My first meeting of the day isn’t until 11, so I get to sleep a little later before hitting the gym and running errands.  But first – the puppy snuggles.  Luna wakes and demands food at 6 AM every morning.  And every single morning my amazing husband gets up to make that happen.  Most days during the week, I’m up with them and begin getting ready.  But on Mondays after Luna scarfs down her morning meal, she runs right back to the bedroom where I am holding down the bed for her.  She joins me under the covers, where we stay snuggled up for another hour or so until we’re ready to face the world.  It is pure puppy bliss.

And so I give you, sleepy snuggly puppy photos.  We’re living for mornings around here.

IMG_9699 IMG_9701 IMG_9703


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