Kait Behind the Camera | 11

IMG_9626 IMG_9633

We managed to make something of ourselves this weekend and did the October thing – a trip to the pumpkin patch place complete with an apple cider slushie for good measure.  We really considered driving the 45+ minutes to pick our own apples, until we realized that 1) there’s no way we’d use all the apples we’d pick and 2) it’s really all about the pumpkins, now.  So we went on to Weber’s Cider Mill where I took photos of their pumpkin collection and Joe waited in line for a slushie.  Quality couple time at its finest, no?

After procuring an exceptional slushie and a mediocre caramel apple, we opted to skip waiting in the pumpkin purchase line and instead went to our friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s for the actual pumpkin buying thing.  So you know, win all around.

Bailey fall status report, over and out.

IMG_9640 IMG_9648 IMG_9654 IMG_9675


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