Kait Behind the Camera | 09

IMG_9610 IMG_9619

In my golden college years, I would often go through ambitious bouts of extreme scrapbooking.  All of those sweet memories are given tribute in pages on pages of careful art, meanwhile our entire postgrad and married life photo collection sat gathering dust on my iPhone.

A few months back, I heard about Chatbooks and decided to give them a try.  I used the app for your phone, which gathers photos from your Instagram feed or from your camera roll and packages them into simple sixty-page books.  I was intrigued by the idea, and quickly downloaded the app and started playing around with it.  I synced mine to Instagram, excluded the photos I didn’t want in the books, turned off the dates and captions (I like the clean look of just having a photo on the page), and viola!  I was in business.  The books are only $8 each, and with the Instagram subscription, I get sent a new book when I fill up another sixty pages.  My fourth book just arrived this week, and it was so exciting to flip through those memories in print!

I now have all of our married life photos well documented, so no more scrapbook guilt and (best!) no scrapbook mess.  I’m all about little life hacks these days, so I just wanted to share an easy way to keep up with that ever-growing pile of moments captured on your smartphone

If you’re interested, use the code 4EREHAQ3 to get your first book free, and give Chatbooks a try 😉


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