Kait Behind the Camera | 08


I’m running a little low on subjects and sunlight these days, and I don’t have the strongest macro lens to play with, but I did get a few ring shots using my very own engagement ring.

There’s quite a story attached to this little ring, but it all began with Joe’s grandmother.  She wore this diamond in a similar setting for her entire married life.  When she passed, she left this diamond, along with two others from a set of earrings, for her three grandsons to propose to their future brides.  It’s so special to me that the ring I wear every day is a piece of Bailey family history, and I cannot wait to pass it down to future generations.  It’s classic and lovely, and I couldn’t have a more perfect ring.

But actually, this isn’t the ring that Joe proposed to me with.  Our engagement began with a completely different ring, stone and all.  It was gorgeous and delicate, with a round halo and pavé band, and I wore it for the first few months of our engagement.  I had a suspicious feeling that while beautiful and special, it wasn’t quite me, and when some of the small surrounding stones came loose after a few months, it felt like a sign.  Our jeweler graciously allowed us to return the first ring, and we instead chose a simple setting for the diamond that was meant for me all along.  Joe gave me the ring I wear now at the Wofford baseball stadium where we met, and I haven’t stopped staring at it since.

And there you have it, folks.  A tale of two rings.

IMG_9598 IMG_9603


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