Kait Behind the Camera | 07

I’ve been so thankful in this photography journey to have guides through all of the questions that come along with owning your first DSLR – what is ISO? how can I turn off the shutter noise? how do I make my photos look even a little bit decent? etc.  My guides through this whole photo mess:  Kira and Kelsey from Kira Nicole Photography.  Aside from being great friends, these ladies are fantastic photographers, and really truly live to serve God through serving their clients on wedding days and by capturing sweet family memories.

Through their teaching progress, I’ve been able to tag along on three different wedding days.  I’ve saved up a few of my favorite images to share below, and the common thread is of course – details and portraits!  I love capturing the tiny little details and the sweet interactions of the bride and groom (and bridal party!) on their special day.

Here are a few shots from Zach and Haley’s wedding that I assisted with back in May!  Their garden wedding was so beautiful, and so much fun to be a part of.

IMG_4371 IMG_4466 IMG_4518 IMG_4535 IMG_4640 IMG_4661


For more images of Zach and Haley’s wedding day, check out Kira’s post here.


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