Kait Behind the Camera | 06


I can scarcely believe we’ve had this sweet Luna pup in our lives for over a year!  Time flies when you’re nurturing and training a young puppy, I suppose.  A little Luna highlight reel:

  • She’s amazing off leash.  She runs around like a maniac, sure, but she doesn’t stray too far and listens to commands really well.
  • On the flip side, she’s less than amazing on a leash.  This is our fault, since off leash is so easy where we live, but alas, she pulls constantly while on her leash.
  • She’s snuggly and loves to be under the covers.  Only of course when she’s in the mood.  Try and cuddle during play mode and you’ll get a puppy wrestling match instead.
  • She’s sometimes a little too comfortable on the furniture – Exhibit A: one evening while I was still in the living room, I noticed she wasn’t in her normal spot.  I creeped back to our bedroom and found her curled up on my pillow fast asleep.
  • We’ve just introduced her to a few scraps of human food, largely carrots, and she’s gotten more curious about our food.  We’ll have to discourage begging from here on out, but she’s largely good at listening to our command to go lay down while we’re eating.
  • She’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen and I’m not just saying that, I swear!  She looks so pretty and regal, just sitting there ruling over her kingdom.  What a puppy gem!
  • Some common commands she’s mastered: sit, stay, come, “do your business” (*ahem*), drop it, shake, go lay down, get (step away from where she is), inside, let’s go (for getting in the car), upstairs, are you hungry? (for when it’s dinner time), fetch, and go get mommy/daddy (she runs to find us).  And the ever subtle sign of grabbing the frisbee or lacrosse ball which means run like crazy onto the football field so we can play!  She hasn’t gone hunting yet, but we’ve been able to train her to fetch a few quail here and there.

We love you, puppy princess, you are a true delight!

IMG_9564 IMG_9569 IMG_9578


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