Kait Behind the Camera | 03


I never hesitate to go all out with my Christmas decorations, but this is the very first year I’ve had an itch for some fall foliage around the house.  So I obliged the desire for autumn coziness with some tiny heirloom pumpkins from Trader Joe’s, a pumpkin cookie jar and dish towel, and a new plaid throw.  Just a few tiny tweaks, along with ever so slightly rearranged furniture, and viola!  The place looks nice and hyggeligt.  All we need now is for the nip in the air to stay put.

And in other news, how about those free VSCO presets for Lightroom?  I usually shy away from the filmy look with portraits (it can often look too filtered when applied to human subjects), but on a still life like this it just works.  So here’s a moody pumpkin to round out this rainy day.

Stay cozy, my friends.



3 thoughts on “Kait Behind the Camera | 03

  1. Found you through Write 31 Days! Love your pumpkin shots. I’m a sucker for fall decor. I’m feeling cozy just looking at them!

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