Kait Behind the Camera | 01

Day 01 Collage 01

October is back again, even though it feels like only just yesterday that I wrapped up 31 Days of Restoration.  I have loved each year of the 31 Days writing challenge, but I’m extra excited for this year because in addition to writing daily I’ll also be taking photographs.  I’ll be picking up my camera and sharing a glimpse of my life from behind the lens, and of course, adding words and thoughts and stories that go with the moments captured.

For my first day of the challenge, affectionately dubbed “Kait Behind the Camera”, I’ve taken a few snapshots of my writing nook.  This little space in our apartment is one of my favorites.  It’s small and cozy and is a big creative spot for me.  The photos are grainy because I was low on natural light, but they still capture the imperfect beauty and work in progress that is my desk space.  I never have to dust because I have a constant rotation of notes, papers, and books spread across every surface.  Lest you think me terribly organized, just out of these shots – my gym bag, another camera bag (can’t you tell I’m a bag lady?), and a half eaten granola bar that I moved off of my desk.  And strategically situated behind my desk – printer paper, graded papers from previous semesters, my printer, and a couple of random boxes.  Just keeping it real, folks 😉


IMG_9300 IMG_9302 IMG_9306

So. Much. Grain.  But present over perfect, as always.  And out of control stationary collections for the win!

As for this challenge, you can find the other 31 dayers here.  And pretty please keep me encouraged and accountable with posting daily!  And if you see me in person this next month, expect to be used as my model (I can only photograph Luna so many times before she starts to resent me…).



4 thoughts on “Kait Behind the Camera | 01

  1. You had me right up until that bust of.. I don’t know who but with really creepy “no eyes.” Lol.. I do love the space though. I just revamped my sewing and writing space, and looking at mine and then looking at yours.. Yeah, I’m gonna’ go with, I’m a hoarder.. – Stopping by from “31”

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