The One with All the Running

I’m not entirely certain how these all came to be, but a few notable things on these last lingering days of September:

We survived the birthday stretch! Within 6 weeks we have 6 family birthdays to celebrate, and we managed to do them up right.

Joe and I celebrated our one year anniversary of becoming puppy parents – we conquered the daunting year one of engergetic puppyhood, and are really loving this next phase our little Luna is in.  She’s a delight, I tell you!

Through a series of unfortunate key-related events, I got locked out of my office last Monday and was completely stranded without a cell phone or even papers to grade for three unexpected hours.  This led to me sending a handful of lengthy emails to my closest girlfriends, and the sweet responses I’ve received from them have made my week!  Lesson learned – take the time to send long letters (snail mail or email) more often.

The girlfriends I had planned on running with in the Baltimore Running Festival had to bail (some for legitimate reasons, others remain under the side-eye), so I guilted the tall husband into joining me.  My very own 5K buddy!

And speaking of the running festival, here’s a little more information about the organization I’m running for:

Araminta Freedom Initiative is a Baltimore nonprofit that is actively working to eliminate the trafficking of children in the greater Baltimore area.  They do this by equipping and mobilizing churches and community members who engage in the prevention, intervention, and survivor services related to child sex trafficking.  You can learn more about their mission and values here.

Please consider supporting me as I run for Araminta (all of your donations go straight there, I’ve paid my own race fee).  Click here for my donation page.

Thanks friends, for your encouragement and support!

And for posterity’s sake, this is what Luna looks like when she runs; not that I have any room to judge, I’m almost certain that I look similar or worse.



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