The One After Twenty-Five


Well friends, I’ve officially conquered twenty-five years of life!

The festivities began with a Mexican feast with the loveliest bunch of girlfriends, and were followed by a homecooked meal from my loving husband and a spectacular long weekend with my family.  It’s no small progress that my birthday celebration was limited to a measly four days, since in the past I’ve demanded a solid week or more of dedicated attention.  Snaps for being sort of grown up!

I think that overall twenty-five was a good, good year.  It was the year where I (finally) felt completely settled.  It was the year where we didn’t actually leave the country at all, but still managed to find so many sweet adventures here on the East coast.  It was the year that I felt most like myself – less pretense and less insecurity; more joy and more authentic living.  It was the year where I could see God moving in my life most clearly.

It was also the year I accomplished a bunch of things on a random list I made, so extra head-pats for almost making it through the whole silly thing.  A few concessions made – original Dr. Who episodes count as black & white film; a sewing project included simply sewing a button back on a shirt, which is completely valid since needle and thread were utilized; I got to pet a few horses, and maybe that’s as close as I want to get; I still don’t know how to change a tire, but between having a Master’s degree and a AAA card, I feel confident that I could conquer that battle on the fly; hot air balloons are ridiculous and I avoided those completely; and after doing some homework I found that organic produce isn’t really my thing, so instead I embraced my local Trader Joe’s wholeheartedly.

The things I accomplished that I loved the most – buying and learning my camera absolutely was the best thing I’ve ever done (and I’m super excited to be photographing two weddings this weekend!); reading and writing are my soul-hobbies, and those will always bring me joy; finding new recipes was both awesome and delicious; the girls weekend and treat yo’self day got rolled into one awesome and expensive little weekend with absolutely zero regrets; our next big adventure is scheduled for June and we’ll be heading to the British Isles; and we’re now expert crab pickers (we now offer lessons to our out-of-town guests).

Thank you, dear ones, for joining me in this journey, and for your support and encouragement along the way.  I couldn’t have made it this far without you!



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