The One with My Boys

We’re two weeks into the semester and I’m already up to my eyeballs in papers to grade – how time flies!  And who would’ve thought that teaching triple my normal load would be slightly overwhelming?  Novel news to this do-it-yourself lady.  I digress.

I was oh-so fortunate to have my boys come visit me two weeks ago!  What a lucky gal.  The boys are really just my father and my brother – we’ve been the three musketeers since 1995ish, and get along terribly famously.  The tall husband is not altogether wrong when he likens the group of us to a frat party (what can I say, we’re rambunctious like that).  Our weekend included local Maryland grub, local Maryland wine, local Maryland baseball, and lots of dominos and jenga.  Because really, the wild times never stop around here.  Each of my dudes brought their respective girlfriends, and we all had a great time getting to know each other better.  Thanks for coming to hang out with me, darling dudes who know that quality time is my love language!  I miss you already.

IMG_6806 IMG_6847 IMG_6865 IMG_6880 IMG_6941 IMG_6948 IMG_6874


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