The One Close to Twenty-Five

((throwback puppy pic, for posterity’s sake))


With just over five weeks to go until my twenty-fifth birthday, the pressure is on to sprint through my list of twenty five things to do.  Here’s my progress so far:

Completed – finished a journal, had a (fabulous) girls weekend, read 25 books, established a 100-item wardrobe, went camping, hiked/ran 250 miles, had a treat yo’self day, wrote 25 letters, tried 25 new recipes, got a puppy (my favorite), spent a weekend without technology, saved for/planned a big vacation, invested in and learned to use a DSLR, found a signature cocktail (paloma for the win!), found a new perfume, made a homemade meal for family members, and I learned how to pick crabs.  I had so much fun completing all of these!

Things I’m close-ish to completing – riding a horse, completing a sewing project, watching 5 black & white movies, tithing consistently (this summer has wrecked our church attendance), and learning how to change a tire.  These few are the ones I think I can knock out in the next couple of weeks.  I hesitate to put mostly organic/local food here, because our odd summer working hours have put a wrench in our normal eating habits.  I checked yes for that one (and tithing) in the spring, but now they’ve sort of fallen back out.  So really, I’ve done those, but haven’t maintained them quite as well.

Things that will have to wait until my 30 in 30 – the hot air balloon and the student loans.  I gave it a good college try, but no success on either front yet.

I’ve completed 17 items, am actively working on 6, and am resigning the remaining two to be completed by 25-year-old Kaitlin.  She’ll know what to do.


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