The One with Three Years


My darling Joe,

Three years of marriage, can you even believe it?

I was so sure of how I felt for you on that day in July.  I loved you more than I thought I could love another person, and yet somehow that love has grown over our past three years of marriage.  Doing life next to you, waking up next to you, loving Jesus next to you, moving north next to you, parenting a puppy next to you – I couldn’t ask for a better adventure or a better partner to share it all with.

Three years ago we vowed to love and honor one another as we entered a covenant of marriage. And on that day we were surrounded by our closest family and friends.  Today, as we celebrate our third anniversary, we’re still surrounded by dear ones.  It’s all too fitting that on the eve of our anniversary, you met a friend for coffee and I joined the girls for a movie night.

In our first year of marriage, it was you and me struggling against the world.  We survived only by the skin of our teeth, and landed in Baltimore for year two, where we learned to breathe and finally caught our stride.  But I think year three has reminded me most of where we started – surrounded by loved ones who make us better servants of God and better servants of each other.  I think that year three of our marriage was for and because of them – our best supporting actors and actresses.  Our family in the Carolinas and our family here in Baltimore.  Loving them and letting ourselves be loved by them in return has enriched our marriage tenfold.  I am a better wife and a better woman because of them.  You are a better husband and a better man.  And together, we’re that much stronger.

So my love, while we’re dining tonight at our favorite spot in Little Italy, let’s remember to raise our glasses to the people who saw us through year three, and the ones who will make the next three years our best yet.





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