The One with Our Stories

Well, dear friends, where to begin?  These past couple of weeks have been fraught with headlines, but I remain caught up in the nuances of the everyday.  There’s no shame in that, I suppose.  My defense mechanisms often have me default to keeping my head down and getting my own work done.  This bodes well for maintaining personal business, but I know deep down that my silence does the world no good at all.  And to be perfectly honest, I’ve neglected updating this space out of my own uncertain feelings.  My heart aches for broken communities, and my voice strains to be heard, but I’m not all too certain of my words these days.  The terror that racked my home state just a few weeks ago is still fresh in my mind.  The Supreme Court ruling of last week is churning in my brain.  Debates of symbols and flags and cultural appropriation are flooding social media pages.  And I’m still at a loss for what to say or how to help.

At the ripe age of twenty-four, I realize that my opinions and tastes will invariably change, as I lack the wisdom that often comes with age.  But I am certain of how I feel in this moment, however temporary it may be.  The world we live in is broken and full of anger, and I feel lost in navigating the truth of it all.  But what I know to be true every single day is that God is good and that our stories are valuable.  In the midst of confusion and heated emotion, I will continue to engage in the hard conversations that will enlighten me and challenge me.  I will share my story and my experiences, and I will learn the stories of the people around me.  I will speak, and more importantly, I will listen.

Because reading articles (and articles and articles) often helps me give shape to my own thoughts, here are a few items of interest that might help you, too.  And please, tell me (or a neighbor) your story.  Give me your perspective, and tell me the experiences that have shaped it.

Your Story Must Be Told

The Unfinished Work Remaining (great thoughts from a Wofford friend)

SCOTUS Ruling on SSM: Rejoicing and Mourning (a facebook note from my pastor)

Thank You, Donald Trump!


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