The One with All the Lobsters


We came, we saw, we ate lobster rolls.

Joe and I spent last week in Maine with my family, and we had so much fun.  Mount Desert Island is a granite chunk of gorgeous, just so full of breathtaking views, and by the end of our week the weather was pure perfection (we’re talking 75 degrees and zero percent humidity).  Add everyday hikes, some kayaking, and fresh lobsters in every combination – quesadillas, enchiladas, rolls, swimming in butter …. we loved it all!  It was really special to spend time with my mom, stepdad, brother, and his girlfriend.  Since Joe and I have never lived closer than 5 hours to my family, this kind of quality time is super rare and so so sweet.  My official Bar Harbor/MDI recommendations include (but are not limited to): Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain, Kayaking Frenchman Bay, Hiking North/South Bubble and Jordan Pond, Hiking Acadia Mountain, Carriage Ride through Acadia, Side Street Cafe for lobster rolls, Gringos for margaritas, and Galyn’s for lobster enchiladas.

And now for some of my favorite shots of the week (sorry in advance for the photo dump, there’s just no way around it):IMG_5175

IMG_5524IMG_5195 IMG_5421IMG_5424 IMG_5345 IMG_5295



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