The One with June


It’s June!  Cue the Hallelujah Chorus.  We survived another May, but only just barely.  We made the grueling South Carolina drive.  I graded exams on exams.  Our schedules were so crowded I only had time to read at night, you guys, because I’m terribly spoiled and love a lazy afternoon read.

We’re holding down the fort over here at Camp BL.  It’s exam week for Joe, which means we get extra afternoons together to run errands (which equals spending too much at the grocery store, thank you, Wegman’s).  We’re also running around like fools, preparing for our family trip to Maine next week.  And I sort of totally started doing a Whole30 last week, but that’s a conversation for another time, because 1) I like it a lot but 2) I’m certainly not turning down lobster rolls FROM MAINE.  So be on the lookout for a rambling post about grains and balance and all the vegetables.

As for life updates, we’re just hanging out this summer.  We have a few adventures scheduled here and there, but mostly we’re just working on being content with staying in Baltimore for another year.  Crossing our fingers that we won’t move this August (it would be the first August without a life move since we’ve been married).

It’s my hope that this summer will be full of quality time with our dear friends here in Maryland, with our family all over, and with old friends in the Carolina’s.  We’ve done a bang up job kicking off our summer with cramming all of Bailey’s in our apartment over Memorial Day, and are eager for our family getaway next week, and lots of cookouts with friends to come.

Happy June, and may you be so lucky as to enjoy time with your loved ones this week (and to have sisters as wonderful as mine).



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