The One for All the Mommas

mothers day

If I ever have unrealistic expectations of myself, as a woman and one day as a mother, it’s because of these two wonderful women.  They’ve loved me, supported me, encouraged me, and shaped so much of who I am.  They’re mommas in every sense of the word.

Denise – you’re the perfect bonus mom.  You encourage me and support me, and have opened your arms and home to me since the very beginning.  You’re servant’s heart is such an inspiration, and I’m so thankful to have you, and for all of the wisdom you share.

Momma – you’re my rock and my rockstar.  You have made endless sacrifices for my joy and molded every part of who I am.  Your advice is worth its weight in gold, and I’ll always measure my life in terms of geographical closeness to you.  I simply couldn’t do this without you.

To my baby mommas – look at you glow!  I’m so happy for you, your bundles of joy, and the life that you’re nurturing in this world.  Being a momma is the hardest and sweetest thing (so I’ve heard), and you’re doing it so well.

To my mommas to angels and my mommas in waiting – you are not forgotten, and you are so loved.  You are not alone in the loss you feel today, and we are there to help you carry it.


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