The One with a Sunday Shower

Gosh, it was such a joy for my mother and I to throw a bridal shower for my dear friend Sarah.  Aside from the shower itself (which was ten shades of beautiful), this experience led to a lot of quality time with my mom, and for that I’m so grateful.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout the entire process, and from the smile on Sarah’s gorgeous face, I imagine she had quite a good time herself!  Sarah, it was such an honor to celebrate you, and I cannot wait to be by your side as you wed the man of your dreams!

Collage 3Collage 5

The flowers were spot on, thanks to Fredda at Buy the Bunch.

Collage 4

We ended up with lots of extra favors, but too many cookie cutters is almost never a problem!

Collage 8Collage 6Collage 1

I’m still drooling over the food and those petit fours!  We used a few local bakeries (Amelie’s French Bakery and Pat-a-Cakes) for desserts, and my mom put her own two hands together for some spectacular sandwiches and mini mac-n-cheese cups.  With some fruit, veggies, and cheese in the mix, we were good to go!


I taught myself how to make tassel garlands and can now officially add that to my resume 😉


My lovely partner-in-crime, and champion in doing the bulk of the work while I sat back from afar – Momma bear, you outdid yourself!

Collage 2

A few action shots of the bride opening her gifts – I might steal that B next time I visit (but you can keep that Clemson cookbook, because those Tigers are questionable)…

Collage 7IMG_3538IMG_3584

The Rogers women are ageless – look at those beauties!


So much love, and so many years of friendship.


And a shot of her stunning ring to round us out (my compliments to the groom for choosing such a beauty – the girl and the bling!).


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