The One with Waste Bags

Well, gosh.  It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote, but it feels like so much has happened.  Joe and I proved ourselves to be morons by trying to return doggie waste bags that were in fact, fully functional.  Sam’s Club ran out of chocolate frozen yogurt.  We rescued and returned two sweet dogs that were running loose on York Road.  And that was just our Tuesday evening.

Since that strange night, Joe and I have both nailed down new jobs and we went to see Wicked with friends.  The jobs make us especially happy – I’ll begin teaching at Stevenson University in the fall, and Joe has summer employment.  I’ve even set up a couple of photography gigs and it all just feels really exciting.  If we ever had doubts about staying in Baltimore another year, those are beyond silenced now.  Things are looking really good around here, and instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, we’re rejoicing.  It’s finally spring and we can play outside with the wild animal and we’ll be driving to the Carolinas once a month for the foreseeable future.  This time is temporary, but it’s oh so sweet.

And for documentation and accountability and all that – a little update on my 25 things to do before I’m 25.  The wardrobe, recipes, books, crabs, camping, reading, puppy, camera goals came quick and easy.  The ones that I’m meeting with a little resistance: the black and white movies (why won’t anyone watch Casablanca with me??), the letters (low on motivation here), sewing (this would involve a trip to Jo-Ann’s a.k.a. hell on earth), and tire-changing (thanks for spoiling me with AAA, Dad).  I’m on track to complete my journal, my running/hiking goal of 250 miles, and I have plans this summer to ride a horse.  The ones that seem most out of reach are the hot air balloon, the student loan goal, and the saving for our vacation (except now that I think about it though, those jobs I mentioned above should help out with these financial goals quite nicely).  Still though, with the hot air balloon.

I guess you can’t win them all.  Except for jobs, because we’ve got plenty of those.

(And only a little bit unrelated, I took photos at a gender reveal party for our dear friends, which you can find on Kira’s blog by clicking on the photo)


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