The One with a Fast Break

Look here, dear friends.  Before I met my wonderful husband, I knew zero things about basketball.  In fact, once during trivia I wrongly answered that ‘b-ball’ stood for baseball.  And now here I am, making basketball puns about breaking my Daniel Fast ((what a world we live in)).

So I broke my lenten fast for approximately 40 hours.  Because mother-daughter weekend in one of my favorite towns, that’s why.  Ultimately, I felt like our time of fellowship was more meaningful being fully enjoyed ((vineyard tours and all)) than any enrichment I would get from sticking to my fast.  And if that justification is too much of a stretch, well too darn bad.  The food in Charlottesville is just that good.


My mom and I met up in Charlottesville Friday afternoon, and shopped, wedding-shower-planned, ate, photographed, and walked our way through the fabulous town.  Gosh, the sandwiches from Take it Away.  And the red, white and blue nachos from Continental Divide ((that’s blue corn chips with goat cheese and red onions, for you poor deprived souls who haven’t graced this Cville haunt)).  It was so sweet to spend some much needed quality time with my momma, and it was nice to be in a well-loved familiar place.   Plus, my mom makes a pretty stunning model, right?


I often joke about moving to a “dirty harbor” after being in such a cute little town, but the people in Baltimore make driving away from the beautiful mountains so worth it.  Baltimore may have won my heart, but Charlottesville forever has my taste buds.



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