The One with a Surplus


I’m at a surplus here with photos and fasting and social media, and somehow I’m still short on inspiring words.  But hey, let’s give it the old college try.

The photo problem – I have this fancy new camera that I’m learning to use and I’m practicing constantly.  This is good for my quality of photos, but the quantity has gotten a little out of hand.  And the better question – where do I put all the photos?  Which ones are worthy of being put on instagram, facebook, or this silly blog?  So many photos, so few answers.


The fasting problem – fasting has become a little too easy.  I’m not thinking about it much, except when I awkwardly have to explain it to people who invite me over for dinner.  Not thinking about the fasting has translated to less mindful prayer.  So I’m working on that during these last three weeks of lent.

And then there’s social media.  Oh boy.  Sometimes it feels like way too much.  What helps most is to do a motive check when things seem out of hand – am I posting these photos to be encouraging and capture a sweet, temporary moment?  Or am I posting out of obligation or insecurity?  The reason I keep at it with social media at all is so that this very fleeting time in my life is documented.  I’ve added a new element to it by using Chatbooks (see a detailed review here) to make my instagram photos into adorable books, and that has helped me tremendously in my approach.

So here I am.  With lots of photos and thoughts about social media – but all in all, it’s not a bad place to be.  Documenting my life is something I care a lot about, and one of the main reasons I keep at it with this blog.  My life right now looks like dozens of puppy photos, because, duh.  And when I look back at photo books and my endless ramblings in five or ten years, I’ll be grateful for this space and for these memories.


((and if you’re a nerd like me and were immediately obsessed with the idea of Chatbooks, use coupon code 4EREHAQ3 to get your first book for free))


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