The One with March


Well, folks.  We’re three weeks into the Daniel Fast, and the weather is finally looking up.  March was in like a lion, that’s for darn sure.

After our biggest storm of the season dumped eight inches of fluffy white flakes on us, I ventured out to peek over my favorite photographer’s shoulder while she did headshots for a friend.  Between the bright snow and my beautiful, talented friends, I was positively swooning with inspiration.  Take all the photos!  Look for all the beautiful light!  Buy a new camera lens!  And so, I obeyed.  A new lens is on its way to me, just in time for next weekend’s mother-daughter trip to Charlottesville!

IMG_2304 Kaitlin_Snow (3 of 10)

A few other things inspiring me this week:

My photographer friend’s gorgeous website.  Kira shot the above photo of me, and is full of advice and inspiration.

Amanda’s latest blog post.  I’d like to officially add an ‘Amen and Amen’.

This nugget of truth from my Bible study on 1, 2 & 3 John:

Freedom lives in the blessed confines of obedience.

And finally, this soup recipe that I made last night.  Daniel Fast approved and delicious.


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