The One After a Week

We’re eight days into the Daniel Fast (taking off Sunday, so really just 7 fasting days) and I’m feeling good about food and not quite as good about prayer.

Honesty moment – eating this way isn’t that hard.  At least not in the grown-up sense of being able to buy a grocery cart full of good foods and having kitchen access.  That, combined with the new health movements that have left Pinterest chock full of simple fast-approved meals.  So thanks, paleo, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free pioneers for making my fast ten times easier.  I see your veganism and I raise you one whopping Daniel Fast.

My mornings start with hot lemon water, grits (no butter, sigh), and fruit, and the rest of the day is all veggies with a whole grain thrown in there, and maybe some popcorn in the evening.  Plus or minus this new raw peanut butter cookie recipe that Molly and I tried yesterday.  The sugar-withdrawal headache (ouch) went away after the first couple of days, and I’m sleeping much better at night and don’t have any afternoon crashes.

But because the hunger and general frustration of the fast isn’t that bad this time around, I find myself not turning to prayer as much as I expected to.  I still work around my weekly prayer focus (today with the widows + orphans), but compared to my first Daniel Fast experience, I’m not praying quite as much.  To work more in that area, I’m going to spend my eating and food prep time in prayer, just to be in touch with the fast and prayer together, tying in the mindfulness of it all.

So that’s where I’m at with the fast this week.  I like how I feel, and I think this whole experience will be a really positive one.


Also, it snowed last week and Luna loved it.  That’s all.


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