The One with a Love Hike


My darling Joe – we’re getting ready to celebrate our seventh(!) Valentine’s day together.  Our very first was probably my favorite.  I planned our day surprise and you planned our evening surprise.   I took us hiking at nearby Crowder’s Mountain, complete with a picnic lunch, and later that evening you took us to a nice dinner, fancy stuff for college students.  It was sweet and romantic, and we were made fun of horribly by our fellow young life leaders later on.  We attempted to go on a “love hike” (as dubbed by Dru Darby) each year, until we moved too far north for that to be reasonable.  But maybe someday, darling, when we’re wrinkled snowbirds, we’ll pick back up on those love hikes like old pros.

Thank you for being my Valentine and my best friend.  Thank you a million times over for all of the small things and the big things – for taking Luna out in the middle of the night without complaint, for knowing when to whisk me off to the beach on a whim, for always bringing me ice cream, and for continually encouraging me.  I’m so thankful for these seven Valentine’s together, and I cannot wait for seventy more.

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