The One with Wanderlust

Joe and I have been dreaming and scheming about our next vacation – a big one.  Just the two of us and at least one foreign country.  The problem lies in the where and when, but mostly the where, since us teacher-folk have some significant schedule perks.  And really, I’m positively no good at narrowing down where we should go because I want to go to all. of. the. places.  And so, some brainstorming out loud here on the old blog.

1.  Paris, France.  I’ve been, but Joe hasn’t, and it’s a cheesy couple goal of ours to smooch on top of the Eiffel Tower.  I know, lame, but also gorgeous.  And I just can’t seem to quit the Paris daydream.

2.  Phuket, Thailand.  If we’re traveling in the winter, this would be the perfect warm getaway, and we could swing it into a trip to see the child we sponsor through Compassion.

3.  Trolltunga, Norway.  This would be a chasing the Northern Lights deal, likely starting in Bergen or just outside of the Arctic Circle and making our way north from there.  This is the one I’ve thought about more frequently, mostly because we’d aim for a stop in Copenhagen, Denmark to visit my host family.

4.  Florence, Italy.  I sort of kick myself a lot for overlooking Florence during my travels abroad, so I’d love to spend some quality time in this Renaissance city.  From there, we’d either venture south towards Rome and Naples, or make our way north for a brief jaunt in Switzerland.

That’s about all of the adventuring I’ll let my mind do for today.  I’ve got a wild puppy to play fetch with and lesson plans to work on.

Kait, the wanna-be-adventurer, over and out.


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