The One from an Airplane

We’re on the plane waiting for bags to be loaded, and so some words!

I’m returning to snowy Baltimore after another whirlwind long weekend in South Carolina. I was beyond thrilled to celebrate the engagement of my best friend to the love of her life. T-minus six months until the big day!

I managed to squeeze two trips to Hobby Lobby, a haircut, an eye appointment, a few samplings of the Queen’s Feast, Charlotte’s restaurant week, and even a late brunch with my puppy brother and his sweet girlfriend.

And, a few confessions from this tired traveler:

I always used the handicap stalls when I’m in the airport #sorrynotsorry

I accidentally bought not one, but two Fancy covers before finding and purchasing the real version by the actual Iggy Azalea.

My brother’s first and favorite album of his photos from Africa is a compilation of selfies. Fifty or so selfies with different wildlife/scenery in the background. And it’s the best thing I’ve seen in a really long time.

I always either want no snow or a lot of snow. Anything less than half a foot isn’t enough to close everything and is just plain annoying.

While getting frozen yogurt with my mother, we witnessed a toddler placing his grubby paws all over the gummy worms and sour candy at the self serve station, and it was one of those oh-my-gosh-I-will-never-let-my-child-act-so-outrageously moments, which will surely haunt me in ten years.

For maybe the first time, I got really homesick for my husband and my puppy and my own bed. My time in South Carolina was great, and I’ll probably miss it next week, but I’m terribly glad to be going to home sweet Baltimore.


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