The One with Naps

It’s not often that Joe, Luna, and I get a chill afternoon all to ourselves, but we stumbled into one today, and have thoroughly enjoyed it!  The only hitch being that Luna, my nap champion, was not feeling our group nap time.  And by ‘not feeling it’, I mean she whined and licked our faces for half an hour before I caved and got up to feed her an early dinner.  After she scarfed down her chow, we headed up the hill to play a little (which translates to Joe throwing the ball for Luna while I run around like a maniac trying to photograph her).  Good times, she wrote.


Now we’re hunkered down for the evening, since football is on and I’m nursing early signs of a sore throat (and willing it away with copious amounts of lemon water).  And since I like to read random assortments of articles on the weekends, some links for your viewing pleasure.

Jurassic Parks and Recreation ((anything Chris Pratt, please and thank you))

A Beautiful Mess Photography Tips ((these guides have been so helpful as I learn to use my camera))

2015 TV Show Premiere Dates ((obviously))

Free 2015 Calendar Printable ((printed this the instant I came across it))

Burn the Candle ((beautifully written post by Shauna Niequist))

How to Nap Like a Pro ((some scientifically proven tips for all of my nap-challenged friends))

Happy weekend!


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